You have something so massive that you can't believe moving yourself, it's most probably a bulky and heavy item. Main pieces which are really heavy or dangerous to move accompany with exceptional charge for the sake extra manpower required to transport them securely to your new home.

It makes you to think twice about buying a piano? Do not do that, we have solution for you.

How it works

We are going to send a specialist to your residence before your relocation to get ready the larger items. After our extra crew load the prepared item onto the truck.


Transfer of bulky items are not included in the base tariff estimate. Quote is based on the unique conditions of the specifies item. Usually bigger, heavier, and more complex items go along higher cost as well.

Relevant Items could be: Grand or Upright Piano, Safe, Jetski, Boat, Swingset, Canoe, Kayak, Billiard table, Jukebox, Large Sculpture, Home Gym etc.